Collaboration with both Line Kjaersfeldt and Clara Nistad produced this unique line in women’s badminton clothing.

  • 302545 Baltimore302545 Baltimore

    Baltimore Jacket

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    FZ Forza Baltimore Jacket

    Baltimore jacket is both stylish and comfortable. It has a unique color combination with it’s pickled beet body and white sleeves. Collar and sleeves edged in pickled beet. 

    90% Polyester 10% Elastane. Interlock w. DryForze.

  • 302554 Becky302554 Becky

    Becky Dress

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    FZ Forza Becky Dress

    Becky Dress is long and stylish. It is elegant with it’s black color and white trim at neck and shoulders. Sleeveless. Very comfortable to wear, tight fitting.

    89% Polyester 11% Elastane. Interlock w. DryForze.

  • 302551 Bergana302551 Bergana

    Bergana Tee

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    FZ Forza Bergana Tee

    Bergana Tee has an energetic look with fresh patterns and it makes you stand out on the badminton court. Printed front and back Pickled beet.

    88% Polyester, 12% Elastine. Interlock w. DryForze.

  • 302547 Bianca302547 Bianca

    Bianca Polo

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    FZ Forza Bianca Polo

    Bianca Polo has a unique print in beautiful pickled beet on white colors. It is comfortable and has great breathability. White and printed front, pickled beet collar and back.

    100% Polyester. Interlock w. DryForze.

  • 302494 Blues302494 Blues

    Blues Tee

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    FZ Forza Blues Tee

    Blues Tee a fresh and sporty look, amazingly comfortable. It has a different and cool neckline that makes it stand out. Sparkling Cosmo and trimmed with white.

    100% Polyester. Interlock w. DryForze.

  • 302533 Bouldy302533 Bouldy

    Bouldy Polo

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    FZ Forza Bouldy Polo

    Bouldy Polo has a sparkling and colorful look that makes you stand out on the court. A polo with a beautiful and asymmetric print. Black and sparkling cosmo front, black collar and sparkling cosmo back.

    88% Polyester 12% Elastane. Interlock w. DryForze.

  • 302553 Brenda302553 Brenda

    Brenda Top

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    FZ Forza Brenda Top

    Brenda Top is super comfortable to wear and good looking. It has an elegant style with beautiful patterns. Black with white trim at the neck. Sleeveless. 

    89% Polyester 11% Elastane. Interlock w. DryForze.

  • Rieti Skirt

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    FZ Forza Rieti shirt

    Rieti shirts for ladies.  Available in Pickled Beet from the Womens Collab collections. Comfortable to wear and you can stand out on court. A badminton skirt with unique cut and play with fabric inserts. The Rieti skirt has a beautiful pickled beet color and is super comfortable.

    90% Polyester, 10% Elasthane. Lower piece (shorts) 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex.

    Available in size “XS to 2XL. If you can not see your size then contact us and we will do our best to help.

    Original price was: £32.00.Current price is: £25.00.