Trial a racket before you buy it!

You want to buy yourself a new racket, but you don’t know which one to but! ForzaWM realise that buying a new racket can be a daunting experience! So why don’t you trial a racket for a week or two before you buy it?

Good idea!

ForzaWM offer their customers the opportunity to TRY before you BUY most of the rackets on the website. You pay a small deposit which will be refunded if no purchase is made.  If you are happy with the racket and you buy one, the deposit will be deducted from the cost of the new racket.

Here’s how it works.

Look through the rackets online, choice a racket or two. Then leave the deposit for the racket(s) you are looking to try (maximum of two).

We sent you the rackets for three weeks so that you can play with them. Want to buy the racket. Send the sample(s) back. Let us know which racket you want to buy. We send you a code so that the deposit is deducted off the purchase price of your new racket.

There are a COUPLE of samples of most of the featured rackets on the website. Occasionally there is a waiting list for the more popular rackets, so apologies for this. The racket will be send out as soon as it is available. It arrives with you, you get to trial the racket for a maximum of two week. When you have tried the racket or rackets of your choice return it/them. Either a refund will be made OR a purchase with the deposit deducted.

Interested then take a look at the RACKETS on the website.